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Sexy LG G6 Leaks, Teases Announcement at MWC!

written by Jude Kasekamp January 25, 2017
closeup of upcoming LG G6 on black background

February is coming up fast, which means it’s almost time for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! This also means it is prime time for big leaks from the world’s biggest device manufacturers. Looking poised to capitalize on the failure of Samsung’s Note 7, LG should be able to go to market with a new 2017 flagship device before their Korean rival. This here is our best look yet at the upcoming LG G6, thanks to The Verge.

closeup of upcoming LG G6 on black background

LG is reportedly ditching the semi-modular experiment that was last year’s G5. They also should be ditching the plastic-dominated design that they’ve clung to until now. We should expect an all glass and metal body, that will be sleek and modern. No removable battery here either. Judging from this leaked photo, bezels are almost non-existent. While there is no sign of a curved display, it seems as though LG is chasing the Xiaomi Mi Mix‘s quest to eliminate bezels entirely.

Even though this is only the top half of the rumoured device, LG recently posted their very own wish list for smart phone features:

LG is teasing a phone with a big screen that still has a very manageable form factor. It should therefore fit comfortable in your hand without feeling too bulky. This would also make it relatively easy to use with just one hand. The device should also be waterproof, which would make it on par with the flagships from Samsung and Apple. Ahem, still looking at you, Google.

What’s more, LG recently sent out invites to its upcoming announcement at Mobile World Congress.

Screenshot of LG G6 announcement at MWC 2017

Will we be able to “See more, play more” with a new LG G6 come February? The smart money would bet we will be, but the larger question is whether this would turn around LG’s profit woes and elevate it to the tier of Apple and Samsung. While the V20 is one of our favorite phones of 2016, a true contender for sales volume must have a much more widespread appeal.

Are you geeks excited about a new LG? What phone are you rocking now? Let us know in the comments!

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