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Shark Week Party Ideas for the Best Week of the Year!

written by Tiff Hostetler July 24, 2017
Banner for Shark Week featuring two sharks in under water

It’s that time again! Shark Week is upon us! This year, the special runs from July 22-29, starting with Michael Phelps racing a shark! Why not celebrate with a themed party?! Today, I’ve gathered both family-friendly and adults-only party ideas to add a little something extra to gathering around the television this week (or any other time you feel like celebrating the awesomeness that is sharks)!

Family Friendly:

First, the most important part of any party is the food and drinks. Along with any other party food staple you may want, here are some shark-themed options.

Shark Chocolate Bark

Shark candy chocolate bark

Recipe from Sandy Toes and Popsicles.

Shark Bait Popcorn

Shark Bait Popcorn Mix

Recipe from Life Anchored.

Shark Jell-OBlue Shark Jell-ORecipe from Home Made Interest.

Ocean Water (copycat of the Sonic drink)



Blue Ocean Water drinkRecipe from Baking Beauty.

Shark Attack Punch

Shark Attack PunchRecipe from Parenting Chaos.

Shark Infested Water


Recipe from Simplistically Living.

Shark Week drinks for the adults:

Shark Bite Fish Bowl

Shark Bite fish bowl

Recipe from Thrillist.

Shark Bite Cocktail

shark bite cocktail

Recipe from Mix That Drink.

Shark Attack Jell-O Shots (can be made non- or alcoholic.)

shark attack jello shots

Recipe from Delish.

Bonus fun for adults! A Shark Week drinking game!

list of shark week drinking game rules


The food and drinks are a big deal, but they aren’t all there is to a fun party!

Other shark themed party ideas:

How about a remote control flying shark to play with?

air swimmers remote-control flying shark


Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

Themed dinnerware!

shark party dinnerware


Shark Party Standard Kit

Maybe some mood lighting?

3D shark illusion lamp


3D Shark Illusion Lamp

Want to dress the part? Why not be “Left Shark”?

katy perry left shark costume

Katy Perry Left Shark Funny Cosplay Mascot Costume

Or you could be a sexy lady shark!

Women's Shark costume dress.

Rasta Imposta Women’s Shark Dress

There are so many ways to go about having a successful Shark Week themed party, but I hope that some of these things helped to gather some useful ideas! Which ones are you excited to try out? Let me know in the comments!

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