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Shazam! Movie Picks Up New Writer from Earth to Echo – Confirmed!

written by Jude Kasekamp January 23, 2017
Dwayne Johnson with Black Adam from Shazam in background

Shazam! has been in pre-production purgatory for over a decade now, but we are seeing some very encouraging signs. Among those positive indications is the confirmation of a fresh writer with experience in sci-fi.

Henry Gayden is best known for writing the screenplay and story of Earth to Echo. Though that movie received mediocre reviews overall, it was a charming story nevertheless. With this confirmation, Shazam! would be just the second major project for the writer. I am hoping this would result in a fresh story, rather than your typical superhero film.

New Line¬†began development on Shazam! ages ago, and the project has seen several re-writes over the years. The first real encouraging sign to fans of the goofy comic book hero was Warner Bros.’ announcement that the movie would be part of the DCEU. After¬†Man of Steel, DC and Warner have put a ridiculous amount of energy behind rivaling the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That same energy was put into signing¬†Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the project, as the evil Black Adam. It was also recently revealed that Johnson would star in his own Black Adam¬†solo movie.

Dwayne Johnson with Black Adam from Shazam in background

We still don’t know who will star as the young Billy Batson, or his super-powered alter ego. We don’t have a director yet either. Even so, all evidence is¬†indicating that this movie will actually happen – eventually. Warner and New Line set release for April 2019, though The Rock has insisted that it should arrive¬†even earlier.

The DC Extended Universe has been criticized for the overly dark tones of its recent films. Also,¬†Suicide Squad suffered from an identity crisis – among other things – beginning life¬†as a heavy film that was haphazardly lightened in the cutting room.¬†DC’s Captain Marvel (not to be confused with Brie Larson‘s¬†upcoming character) may be able to inject a sense of humor badly needed in the movie¬†war against Marvel. Time will tell.

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So, are you geeks excited? Which will be better, Shazam! or Black Adam? Sound off in the comments!

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