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Sherlock Review: Season 4 Episode 2 “The Lying Detective”

written by Jake Tanner January 9, 2017

Sherlock is back. There’s no sign of Moriarty or any new threats.

When will they emerge?

Sherlock has a serious look on his face.



Sherlock’s season premiere packed an emotional punch towards the end. How will episode 2 stack up and add to the story? Stay tuned while we dig deeper into this week’s episode!

Mary’s dead. By the looks of it, John is having a really hard time coping and grieving. He’s back to seeing a shrink a la the very first episode of the series. He’s also drinking heavily and failing as a parent. Oh, and he’s hallucinating Mary around the house. I really like his new therapist. Unlike the woman from the very first episode, she seems not only extremely qualified, but hyper observant too, just like someone else we know on the show. I hope Holmes and Watson’s sabbaticals away from each other don’t last long, there’s evil stirring.

Enter this jerk.

Sherlock's new villain

Moriarty was evil, but something about this guy makes my skin crawl. We’re not sure what his plan is, but he’s using a drug to wipe people’s memories, and we don’t know why. Toby Jones plays such a phenomenal villain. He pulled off an evil scientist in the MCU, but he’s a different beast on this show. The show slyly told us who Jones is playing via newscast on a TV. He’s Culverton Smith, one of Sherlock’s darkest enemies from the Doyle book series. Smith is planning to kill someone, but due to the memory loss drugs he gave his victims, no one knows who.

Sherlock looks ROUGH!

Of course, there’s a huge, seemingly unsolvable case afoot. Who else would you call besides Sherlock Holmes? It’s very obvious that he’s been heavy into drugs. He’s constantly sniffing indicating Sherlock’s notorious cocaine habit, and there are empty syringes lying around 221B Baker Street. He’s fallen into such a dark place, he actually REFUSED the case.

Sherlock looks like he's seen better days

It’s amazing to me how much sharper Sherlock is when his mind is clear. Now that he’s got a puzzle to play with, he’s returning to the Holmes we all know and love. Mycroft is watching him, and Sherlock knows it. I’m going to call it now, this created the funniest moment of the episode. They showed Sherl’s route, and he spelled out “F*ck off” with the GPS tracking on Mycroft’s computer.

He’s also kind of losing it. He spent the afternoon with Faith Jones, Culverton’s daughter; or so it would seem. He goes into a drug induced blackout, but he also figures out who Culverton plans to kill: anyone. Smith is a serial killer and Holmes is the only one who can stop someone that’s that powerful.

The boys are back?

Mrs. Hudson is worried about Sherl, and for a very good reason. He’s gone absolutely mental. She’s so worried that it looks like she’s kidnapped him just to bring him directly to John.

I love how dark this show can be, but you don’t always notice because they manage to sprinkle so much humor into it. This cast has such great chemistry together that it’s so easy to become fully immersed into the show.

Sherlock Holmes: Advertising Genius?

Culverton is one brilliant bastard. He’s managed to take Sherlock’s viral tweet about him being a serial killer and turn it into advertising and public publicity. He’s now dubbing himself a “cereal killer.” I’m sure that in the end Holmes is going to end up being right, but god I love how Cumberbatch navigates the web these criminals weave.

I’ve said it before, I know the theme of this season is “It’s Not A Game Anymore,” but the game is totally on. Culverton is clever, but the big problem is that he knows it. I love watching the cat and mouse game between John, Holmes, and whoever the respective killer of the episode is. Culverton is phenomenal at the game.

God, Culverton is such a little weirdo. He’s been showing the duo around the hospital he’s donated so much money to that he has free run at wherever he wants to go…and he’s playing with corpses.

What in the actual hell is happening? The Faith we saw earlier in this episode isn’t the actual Faith. Was this fueled by Sherlock’s addiction or is Culverton messing with him? It’s the former. Sherlock has completely lost it.

A fracture in the dynamic duo

John just put an ass-whooping on Sherlock. Holmes drew a knife on Culverton Smith and his daughter, and John snapped.

Sherlock is being treated in the hospital that Culverton donates heavily to. Smith dropped a hint about how he’d like to move Holmes to his favorite room. (It’s the morgue.)

John has also found the DVD that Mary left Sherlock. “I’m giving you one last job. Save John Watson.”

Sherlock is right…again

Culverton is definitely a serial killer. He’s built secret doors into every room of the wing of his hospital. He’s sneaked into Holmes’ room to turn up the dose of Sherlock’s morphine until he overdoses and dies…how boring.

I did like the fact we got to see the rest of Mary’s DVD though. “You can’t save John, Sherlock. He won’t let you. The only way to save John Watson…is to let him save you.”

SHERLOCK IS THE BEST. Every last bit of this: the drugs, baiting a serial killer, and self destructing, it was all a ruse to spark John into action. I mean it’s great that they managed to stop a serial killer too, but good god I love how well they managed to tie everything together in this episode.

The Lost Holmes

There have been hints in the first two episodes of this season of a third Holmes brother. Well, tonight we finally got the answer. There is indeed a third Holmes sibling, but it’s not a third brother. Mycroft and Sherlock have a sister…and she’s a little bat-shit crazy. Her name is Euros (that’s Greek for “the east wind”) and it would seem that she’s been behind all of the awful things that have happened to Holmes and Watson so far this season. She was the fake Faith Sherlock hung out with all night, she was the red head that John met on the bus, and she was also John’s new therapist.

Sherlock and his estranged sister, Euros

The episode ended with Euros holding a gun to John. Who knows if she’ll end up pulling the trigger, but it’s safe to say she’ll be heavily involved in episode 3. I don’t know if she’s straight up responsible for Moriarty cropping up again, but if the “Miss Me?” on the note she left Sherlock is any indication, she’s definitely involved with it somehow, only time will tell how.

Overall thoughts

This was an amazing episode. Sherlock has really grown since the first episode, and this season is really showing us just how much. When we first met Cumberbatch in the role, he would’ve never sacrificed his health, his sanity, or his mind to help another person. John, Mary, and Rosy have changed him for the better.

The angle of a third Holmes sibling is pretty terrific. I do wonder why she hasn’t ever been brought up until now. I mean, we’ve met their parents and there was never mention of a sister. This show and its writers are clever enough to figure out a way to make this plausible and I’m positive they’ll answer this question. I’m just curious and excited as to how they’ll do it.

Is this the last run for Cumberbatch and Freeman?

I can’t state enough how much I love Cumberbatch in this role. He was literally playing a genius that was in the middle of a mental breakdown in this episode, and he never skipped a beat. This show is the reason I’ll always be a fan of his, and performances like the one he put on in tonight’s episode is why.

There have been a few rumors that this may be the last season of the Cumberbatch/Freeman run with Sherlock and Watson, but I hope that it isn’t true. This cast has such good chemistry that they could literally do the show as long as everyone involved wanted to. I know Cumberbatch and Freeman have both turned into big movie stars since the show debuted, but in an age where big-name actors are sticking to TV, they could definitely stand to make a few more seasons of Sherlock. (As long as they don’t make us wait a few more years for the next season!)

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? We would love to hear your thoughts, so join in on the conversation in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out the teaser for episode 3 directly underneath this review too!



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