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Sherlock Season Four Air Date Confirmation!

written by Robin Anderson December 7, 2016
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BBC finally relinquished us from our curiosity and gave us the rest of the details for Sherlock season four!

We have known that the very first episode would air on January 1st of 2017; but now let it be known that you should tune in your TV to 9PM ET time. See below for the entire schedule via BBC.

Episode 1 at 9PM ET on 1/1/17. Episode 2 at 9PM ET on 1/8/17. Episode 3 at 7:30PM ET on 1/15/17.

In less than a month, we will all be glued to our screens making up numerous theories about what is about to happen in season four of Sherlock!

There has been a repeated theme from everything that has been released so far–everything in Sherlock will continuously get darker and darker.

Even Moffat is quoted on the matter of how he plans to stab us in the gut, “We’re certainly going to put them through the mill. It’s going to be more of an emotional upheaval.”

Though it should come as no surprise that we’ll all be crying until dry just by watching the trailer. It is utterly devastating in such a beautiful way. If you haven’t suffered yet, check it out!

Everything has been kept pretty hush-hush when it comes down to what exactly is going to happen. All we know regarding the stories in season four is this;

Episode 1, The Six Thatchers, has a title that is based on the Doyle story entitled, “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons“.

Episode 2, The Lying Detective, is based on the Doyle story named, “The Adventure of the Dying Detective“.

And episode 3 remains currently unnamed.

Currently there are a multitude of theories concerning how the titles relate and which baddies will be the main focus point of season four! Do you have any remarkable theories that care to share? Whose death do you think Sherlock is devastated over? Will they reveal the third brother, and will he be played by Tom Hiddleston? So many questions we need to know the answer too!

Stay tuned for an episode summary in January!

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