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A Moving Short Film About The Nostalgia Of Playing Games With Siblings – Being Player 2

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 26, 2016

Player Two is an animated short by film maker Zachary Antell that captures a beautifully done rendition on what it is like to be a younger sibling. Gaming is a common theme, with throwbacks to the older generations like the N64 and the GameBoy.

“When you are born second, you are put into someone else’s world. You follow them. You are Player 2”

The viewer is cast into this wonderous journey about exploring new worlds with your siblings. Wave Runner, DOOM, Donkey Kong – so many titles we grew up with are displayed to entice feelings from gamers that can related to this very story. It really shows another side to gaming that many don’t see.

“The hardest part is that it doesn’t last forever. They have a new adventure waiting for them.”

Growing up yet finding that warm feeling of ‘coming home’ when putting in that cartridge to remind you of simpler times between siblings is a gift that many can relate to. Enjoying these classic games that become a staple for bonding and memories, many of us can resonate with Antell’s story. Whether it is a sibling or simply a best friend, many of us gamers can relate to that ONE game that brings us right back into that living room in ’95.

Gaming has always been and always will be a safe haven for many and this film showcases the nostalgia and beauty that comes with those memories. Watch the video and tell me what is YOUR favourite memory in gaming growing up? Were you player 1 or 2? Did gaming play a huge role in your relationships growing up? We’d love to hear from you, share your stories in the comments below.

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