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Showing your CryCards… or: Crytek sues Star Citizen developers

written by Tyler December 14, 2017
Crytek and Star Citizen Battle!

CryEngine, Far Cry, Crysis, CryCash… For the love of god, cry me a river!

Obnoxious names aside, Crytek has filed a suit against Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and Robert Space Industries (RSI) for direct damages, indirect damages and an injunction for both defendants to permanently cease use of copyrighted works, namely their game engine, CryEngine. Kotaku’s upload of the lawsuit filing can be found here.

Here’s the problem: RSI and CIG announced last year they are moving away from CryEngine and starting to work with Amazon’s Lumberyard. However, Lumberyard is heavily “made up of proven technology from CryEngine”. Crytek’s issue with RSI and CIG is that they removed that beautiful “Made with CryEngine” logo when you boot up Star Citizen, and now they’re offended since there are remnants of Cryengine code in Star Citizen. This sounds redundant considering Lumberyard is based on that engine. Aside from rumors of talent-poached from either side, this really just feels like Crytek is desperate. Originally, Crytek was having issues paying their employees, and seemed to have found a last-ditch effort at saving the company by partnering with Amazon to lend some of their engine code to start Lumberyard.

I’m not gonna lie, when I hear Crytek losing talent to CIG and RSI, shuttering offices, canceling a Ryse sequel, not being able to pay their employees and making money by selling off their proprietary asset, it sounds like there is just sour and frantic. Back in the day, they announced a switch to free-to-play games being the future and may have lost a dedicated fanbase that just smelled of microtransactions and sellouts coming their way. Nobody likes that smell. We already know what fans think about these types of business decisions.

Nevertheless, the last 5 years haven’t looked good for the “Yeah, but does it run X-Cry game” company. They seem to have shown their cards, financially. Time will tell if Crytek will still be around this time next year, but I’m sure this lawsuit (if they win) may be just another way they barely stay afloat. Maybe they’re just jealous that another company can raise ~$200 million for a single game.

Sensationalism aside, what would you think if this caused big issues for Star Citizen’s development? Let us know in the comments!

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