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Simon Kinberg Talks: Deadpool 2, Wolverine, and More

written by Jason Marcano June 26, 2016

In a brief interview with Collider during the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards, Writer-Producer Simon Kinberg reveals information on everyone’s favorite Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool. In the interview Kinberg says the script for the Deadpool sequel is almost done, and that they hope to start filming early next year. He doesn’t divulge any juicy info about the project, but having the confirmation of progress gives us something to look forward to.

Deadpool face

Simon Kinberg was at the Saturn Awards for more than a random red carpet interview however. He was the recipient of the George Pal Memorial Award. The award is given annually by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, and is given to those who show exemplary work in the genres. Past winners include Martin Scorsese and Sam Raimi.

Other than Deadpool 2, Simon gives us some insight to the other film and TV projects he is working on. He also explains why we’ve seen so little of the new Wolverine film saying:

“We really wanted to be discovered. You know, the way that we used to watch movies a long time ago when you didn’t know everything about them when you went to see them. “

All in all it’s a great interview. Simon Kinberg gives some nice insight into the successes of the X-Men movies, expresses his strong desire to make a Gambit movie happen, and also talks about Hellfire and Legion. Kinberg also confirmed that he will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but says that, as far as he knows, he won’t be making any announcements there. Given his earlier statement about the filming of Wolverine however, he might just be playing coy to keep it all a surprise.

The full interview is here, you geeks be sure to check it out. Also, let us know what you think of any of the news discussed in the interview.

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