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SkinCase Impressions and Review VIDEO

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg October 30, 2016


In a world of thin sleek phones most of us live in the security of huge rubber fortresses. There is nothing that gets to me more than buying a phone because of how thin, sexy and sleek it is then putting it into a big thick case. Now some of you out there need these cases…some of you do not.

SkinCase sent us out some of their paper-thin cases and I am in love. These cases are .01″ thick so you get almost completely naked bulk while keeping your phone free from scratches.

On the case of the iPhone SkinCase you also get features to help keep your phone scratch free like the camera bump and anti-bacterial plastic. As you can see in the video above the cases are soooo thin. I love being able to enjoy the thinness of my iPhone while knowing that if I set it down it will be ok as well. The cut-outs where perfectly cut for our iPhone 7 Plus and I really felt the case gave us better grip on one of the most slippery phones of all time.

Now again to clarify these cases are not for those of you that need heavy-duty protection. These are going to be more for people who are just afraid of scratches but want to keep the phone sleek and almost naked.


You can get yours now two ways. You can order it here. Or you can watch the video and comment on it over at our YouTube channel. We are selecting a few random winners for cases.

Thanks to SkinCase for sending these out to us.

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