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Skottie Young Comic Babies Tats!! Nicely Done Dude!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace January 16, 2015


So I met this guy on the Internet last night who was showing off some body art and I was really happy with what I was looking at. It wasn’t some simple superhero logo, it wasn’t just a cheesy pin-up pose……no what we had here was in all its glory Skottie Young Marvel Babies!!! I just had to ask this guy a few question on what I was truly looking at here! My mind was boggled!!

Here what I Found out:


The tattoos belong to a young gentleman named John Knisley. Knisley is also obviously a fellow Skottie Young fan, but clearly he’s one of the top fans out there with this committed dedication.

John, has TEN total Skottie Young babies tats all on his left forearm.


I asked John about his future plans with the ink and why just Skottie Young art? This is what he had to say:


“I just like the look of them and the gent who did them loves the pieces I have brought to him so far. I like how colorful they turned out and I intend to finish the sleeve with more of his work. Thanos in his chair is next which will be surrounded with Spiderwoman Spider-Man 2099 and Spider Gwen.”



I let John know he’s got a great idea going, I dig them a lot! He’s really going to pick up the chicks with these! I told John I have a flaming head Ghost Rider on my back leg but I need more ink tho!! His reply was very much expected.


“We all need more ink!”


Yes, John….yes we all do indeed!!


Tattoo artist: Lee Duncan with Stuck For Life in Greenville Ohio.

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