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Small Fire Occurs at Chinese Factory for Galaxy Note 7 Batteries

written by Jordan Cobb February 8, 2017

The world is a strange and unpredictable place, but there are some absolute certainties such as: The sky is blue, The Flash is faster than Superman, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the biggest mobile phone disaster of all time.

It is more then well known by this point what all the problems with the Galaxy Note 7 are from its battery issues and then the bigger headache when trying to recall and replace defective devices before just putting it out of its misery. So all seems fine, Samsung can put the ugly mess behind them and move on to what they’re planning next.

Well they hit a little road bump. Samsung SDI, one of the original battery suppliers for the device, reported that a plant in Northern China had a “minor fire” that was quickly put out. Pictures showing plumes of black smoke rising up in the air were first seen on Chinese social media service, Weibo and users described the location as a Samsung affiliate out in Tianjin.

Spokesman for the company, Shin Yong-doo said that production effected by the fire and that it did not occur at a production facility, but at a waste depository.

What timing for the fire to occur as it happened just a month after SDI invested 150 billion won (which equals to $129 here in the states) in safety and they have also said their batteries will probably be in the next Samsung smartphone so hopefully all that money invested in safety will be seen when the new phone is ready to be revealed.

What do you think of the news? did you have a Galaxy Note 7? What phone do you have right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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