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Smile! Jessica Jones Action Figure Featured in This Month’s Loot Crate

written by Quinzel Lee April 10, 2017
kilgrave whispering into Jessica Jones ear

There’s not a lot in the way of Jessica Jones merchandise. So if you are looking to have your own, check out the exclusive action figure Loot Crate is releasing this month.

Loot Crate’s theme this month is Investigate, so it was more than appropriate to feature Jessica Jones in it. It’s a lot less creepier than having an action figure of Kilgrave *shudder*

Jessica Jones is probably one of the strongest and realistic female comic book characters we have seen. She can take down Kilgrave and about half a bottle of whiskey. It’s something that you don’t see in many female comic book characters. That makes it so much cooler that she is an action figure.

Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones, was completely excited to portray such a kick ass female “The series has started so many feminist conversations that I never anticipated. People come up to me and find meaning in things that I didn’t realize I was doing. I think people enjoy seeing a woman who doesn’t look a certain way, who is strong, ass-kicking, who isn’t rolling over and dying. She shows real strength. I’m moved to tears when people tell me that the show has helped them: “Thank you for doing it with integrity. I have PTSD. That’s what it feels like for me.” So many people feel represented by Jessica and that’s refreshing and amazing.”

Take a look at the exclusive Loot Crate action figure. Don’t you want to add this to your nerd collection?

jessica jones action figure kicking a brick wall

Sadly, there is no release date for Jessica Jones season 2. However, production is starting, so it can’t be much longer. In the meantime, season 1 is always worth a rewatch.

What do you guys think? Will you be ordering this months’ Loot Crate? Are you as excited for season 2 as I am? I’m actually a tad afraid they will find some way to bring back Kilgrave. Creep me out with your theories below.

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