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SnappyHappy Selfie Stick REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!!

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg June 2, 2015

You have seen other people using them. You have thought to yourself how goofy they look but then thought about a time that they would come in really handy. Yes I am talking about the selfie stick. I know I personally have felt this way about them until I started playing around with one. So yes here we are reviewing our first selfie stick on DHTG. Compared to some friends and family members that I have talked to about their selfie sticks this one from SnappyHappy seems to have a few more features that makes it very nice. GIVEAWAY BELOW!


  • Kid Friendly design means that you can give it to those little geeks out there without having to worry about it. There is not any small pieces or anything you have to worry about and this thing is built tough.
  • It is made to work with all phones (Android or iPhones) via Bluetooth. No cables that you have to worry about. You sync it up and just with the snap of the button you are clicking photos away. I really liked that there wasn’t any cables getting in the way or moving about. It will fit even the big phones out there so you iPhone 6 Pluses and Samsung Note 4’s you are ok as well.
  • Battery life has been amazing. With all of my testing and hundreds of photos I have not had to charge yet.
  • They do have a LIFETIME WARRANTY according to Amazon. So no need to worry about overuse or something wearing out.

Why does it look like I don’t have any teeth in this pic?

So as you can is you are in the market for a selfie stick or just kind of on the fence like I was this would be a great option. Great battery life, no cables, super tough and the warranty makes this a win. You can grab this guy on Amazon Prime right now for $22.75 so it’s not going to break the bank as well. Thanks to SnappyHappy we also will be giving one away in the giveaway box below so be sure and get entered! Check out some of the pics and grab yours at the Amazon link.

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