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Snikt, Snikt, bub! Wolverine teaser in X-Men: Apocalypse! VIDEO

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. April 25, 2016
It's Wolverine

It's Wolverine

That’s right geeks, thanks to the furry fuzz ball himself, Hugh Jackman, we got a teaser of Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse!

As you can tell by the above video, it’s just the claws but it’s enough to satiate the fans, like myself, who were frothing at the mouth to see the ole Canuklehead in arguably the biggest X movie ever. Wolverine is oft considered the heart and soul of the X-Men in the comics and in the movies he’s damn well necessary because he’s Wolverine! Yes, my inner fanboy is showing but that’s what a couple seconds of footage will do to me.

If you’re curious as to the context of the footage, I’ve dropped the final trailer below that shows off a nice swath of footage that should get the geek juices flowing. And of course you can see the Wolverine claws again. Because snikt, snikt bub!

X-Men: Apocalypse will not come soon enough for this merry mutant fan but it’s scheduled to hit theaters May 27.

Tell me geeks, on a scale of 1 to James Howlett, how excited are you? I’m pretty excited myself. Ever since the first snikt way back when, it’s all been leading up to this. Hope to see you at the theaters next month!

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