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‘Solo’ Video Review: Finally, a Fun Star Wars Movie This Decade

written by Damian Gordon June 1, 2018
Alden Ehrenreich is Han Solo in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY.

Most people wrote this film off, and with all the behind the scenes drama, this was shaping up to be a hot mess. Nope, it’s just good old hotness. Solo: A Star Wars Story is actually a captivating adventure that I felt for, even though I knew most characters’ fates.

Solo’sĀ narrative follows a young Han Solo and the journey he goes on to become one of the galaxy’s most notorious outlaws. I came into this movie like the parent at a school play who knows their newer kids are trash but still supports them. Except this kid has some pipes and lives up to the elder siblings.

Post-Review… Review

Like a Marvel flick, you wonderful people stayed past the end for some reason, so let’s talk about this a bit more.

The movie starts off on shaky footing, but it really gets going once Han joins his smuggling crew early on. A big flaw of Solo: A Star Wars Story is the lack of development for any of the new characters. I swear, the villain watched old-timey cartoons and went, “They got the right idea. I’m going to kill my henchmen for no reason and not smile every chance I get!”

Paul Bettany does what he can as Vos, but he has little to work with and even less screentime. He never went past being a plot device, along with Han’s fellow smuggler Beckett. This doesn’t ruin the movie but it would have helped to give Solo the extra depth it needed.

Final Thoughts on ‘Solo’

Solo: A Star Wars Story is something where all signs pointed to being a flaming piece of trash, but luckily it’s not. Engaging dialogue, smooth pacing, and likable characters make this easily rewatchable.

Have you seen Solo yet? What Star Wars story do you want to see on the big screen next? Leave your comments!

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