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The Solus Project Game Review for PC

written by ericafett May 23, 2016

The Solus Project logo art

The Solus Project is a science-fiction RPG survival game on the PC and Xbox One platforms, that promises adventure, mystery, and aliens. Set on a distant planet in the future, The Solus Project is mankind’s last hope for colonization of the human race. This game places you on an alien planet that holds mysteries, terrors, and life threatening weather conditions that you must survive.

As you drop in on this planet, you notice the graphics are vivid, creative, and entrancing. The landscape looks similar to a cross between Mars and Earth’s mountainous terrains. The water surrounding you is lifelike in motion, crashing in on your feet and waves in the distance. Boulders and mountains line the backgrounds as planets and moons illuminate the skies. The gameplay begins instructing you to collect basic life saving supplies such as food, water, pipes, and any scavenging materials nearby.

The Solus Project creates a realistic expectation of self-awareness as it forces you to maintain visuals on your health, sleep, body temperature, hydration, and hunger. You scavenge to find the tool to monitor your stats, which has voice guidance for any changes in your health. Weather is a huge factor in your survival, so you must stay conscious of extreme temperatures and unstable conditions.
The Solus Project Planet Landscape
As the game progresses, your new mission objective is not only to survive this alien planet of mysteries, but to gather supplies to create a transmitter beacon. The beacon will allow the human race to join you on this planet as mankind’s last hope for survival. Through exploration of this planet, you realize there is strange phenomenon occurring under the caves and throughout the islands. While gathering resources you not only encounter mysterious skeletons, ritualistic killings, explosion clouds- you realize that you’re not alone on this planet.  Desperate to gather resources to complete the transmitter, you climb further down the rabbit hole of the mystery of this planet.

The Solus Project is a tale of the human will to survive. Though you may not encounter combat with aliens or any extra terrestrial creatures, there are many foreign objects that will startle and harm you, which keeps this game challenging and interesting.  Even picking caves to explore or floors to walk on can all trigger traps and puzzles you must solve to survive.

Relics and artifacts are key to buffs and health increases, which make vast exploration key to increased survival. The items are not always placed in plain sight and sometimes may only be accessed through puzzles, mazes, and other challenging terrain. Many relics, artifacts, and rare items can be found in hidden areas that can only be accessed by a mechanism to open or a transport device.

Crafting is also necessary to survival in The Solus Project. Through scavenging, you can choose the crafting menu to combine supplies to maneuver the temples or even just to eat.  Finding a pipe and a hammer head, for example, can assist in breaking down walls, where a simple rock would fail. Crafting can also adjust stats on some items, so paying attention to interact-able items is essential.

The Solus Project inventory menu
Although The Solus Project seems to offer overall contentment, the navigation to points of interest and objectives can sometimes be non existent or confusing, placing the time conscious player in a bind. Similarly, the hidden items such as food, water, and supplies can also create similar frustration.

Aside from the above frustrations, the Solus Project does have a limited inventory supply. There may be times when you have to retrace footsteps in order to grab something you left behind, or something that is not nearby that you must explore to find. You also can not dual wield any of the items in the inventory since one hand is always on your monitor device. The inconvenience only proves to be a minor annoyance throughout the game.

The only major negative that could one could take away from The Solus Project is that there is no combat on this alien world. The Solus Project has hours of exploration, leaving the player feeling like exploring is more of a chore than for enjoyment. At times, exploring can get tedious and time between encounters may lengthen making gameplay rather uneventful.

the solus project game
Some may dismiss The Solus Project for not containing combat, but it is still packed full of adventure, mystery, and plenty of creepiness to leave you feeling content. In a world of saturated combat focused games, The Solus Project is a breath of fresh air, boasting ingenuity and creativity while leaving the player feeling accomplished and a little more curious of their own survival on an alien planet. The game has no shortage of gameplay for those who want to kick back and explore the many secrets and structures the alien planet holds. Overall, The Solus Project is a fun, dramatic, and creative game that will make you realize survival on an alien planet may take more than just combat to survive.

You can find more on The Solus Project and new content releases on the official game website.

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