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Someone LEAKED the HTC 10 early! VIDEO

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. April 11, 2016
It's a cell phone

It's a cell phone

HTC had it all set, a big time reveal of their rumored flagship, the HTC 10. However, as sneaky people are want to do, someone beat them to the punch and leaked a video showing the sexy little number in all its glory.

What can be said about the 10? Well they seemed to have dropped the “M” from the name so they have that going for them. But what else? It really looks like the A9, not a bad thing though because I thought that phone looked rather streamlined. It’s got the usual camera bump and the HTC logo. I mean really the all we can glean from the video, it’s just a promo video after all.

We can tell you the rumored specs which we should be able to confirm or adjust after tomorrow’s event. The device looks to have a 5.2″ QHD display with 4GB of RAM (nice!) packed under it. The back snapping camera is rumored to be a laser focused 12 mega pixel snapper with a front selfie grabber of 5 mega pixels. A couple of bells and whistles that would be nice to be true are a USB type C connector and a juicy 3,000maH battery. Like I said, these are all rumored but still fall within the should be true realm. We’ll let you know more tomorrow.

What do you geeks think of the video? Got some HTC fans among us? Do we have some haters? Let’s hear it!


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