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Sonic Plush at Build-A-Bear Workshop

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 12, 2017
Sonic plush toy

Build-A-Bear workshop has been all over the internet lately for its Pokémon plush line and they’re back at it. Sonic the Hedgehog is available now as a limited availability web exclusive! Gloves, gold ring, and all you can get a Sonic plush of your very own online now. Tails is also available as a smaller plush.

The Sonic plush is a web exclusive only, so you can’t find him in physical stores. You can customize his sound box, or get the add-on Sega official sound bite. The web exclusive package includes the plush, a gold ring accessory, and an exclusive print of Sonic himself. The ring even fits into the hand of your plush so you can re-create Sega gameplay!

sonic plush toy, ring, art

If Tails is more your style, a thirteen inch plush is available. While he lacks a sound box, Tails is as foxy as ever with his boots and sly smile. He has the signature Sonic logo on his foot, and the Build-a-Bear logo on one of his gloved paws. Both characters were designed by Sega, so all your favorite details and features are present in huggable form.

Tails plush

Themed plushes like Sonic are great gifts for nerds of all ages. Whether they end up smiling down from a collector’s shelf, in a cozy bed at night, or the star of an imaginative child’s new favorite game these characters provide endless joy. The process of stuffing your own plush is also a unique memory, allowing you to customize and give life to your favorite characters. Whether you order online or go in-store, check out Build-a-Bear’s collection of huggable characters for you, or that special nerd in your life.

Sonic rings in at $35 before shipping, and Tails at just $15. Build-a-Bear is a great place to look to find your favorite characters in plush form! Check out my article on their latest addition to the Pokémon line, Charmander. Check back for more updates on Build-a-Bear workshop’s character lines. Do you have a favorite nerdy plush? I got a huggable companion cube from PAX last year, so tell me about your favorite and where you got it in the comments below!

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