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Sony enters the Matrix with PS4K NEO?

written by Branden H April 19, 2016


When rumors began to brew that Sony would be releasing a mid life upgrade for PS4 it was dubbed PS4K by some of the fans. Multiple sources today confirmed some of the gritty details of the project and it at least wins the “Coolest Project Name Award” for invoking one of the two lines everyone remembers from The Matrix; “Hello Neo.”

Dubbed NEO it will feature higher clock speeds and improved GPU and higher bandwidth on the memory. According to documents acquired by Giant Bomb, every ps4 game will be required to ship with both a “Base Mode” and a “NEO mode” that will be used with the new console. Games running NEO mode will tap into the new hardware upgrades and run in super shiny 4k. To quote firefly “Shiny”.

Now before we get the pitchforks and torches out Sony has made it clear to developers that it will not be supplanting the PS4 and will continue to exist right along side its older, slightly more feeble, elder. So much so that they have made it extremely clear that developers are not allowed t offer exclusive game play options, characters, or do-dads. This writer bets dollars to donuts that cosmetics will slip through that crack.

Kung Fu Neo

All silliness aside, the documentation does state that NEO can “know kung-fu”. In simple terms if both games have the same feature NEO is capable of running eight player co-op while Morpheus has to be happy with his four-player co-op. Price wise it’ll run you about $399 big ones but considering the upgrades that’s not a terrible deal considering some people who do not have a PS4 might decide to hop on board.  However despite games being pushed out in October does not mean the system will be but I suspect a Christmas release would be in the realm of possibility for Sony.

The potential here is grand if the developers are willing to get on board. Imagine your favorite game with graphics so sharp they could cut you for looking at them sideways. Now you to can watch that poor guys head explode in delicious 4k crisp resolution. Time will tell if we’ll be seeing something grand or if we’ll just have to keep trucking along with old faithful.

Neo is ready to fight

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Giant Bomb

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