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Sony Gamers Earn Money for Playing with New Program

written by Damian Gordon November 9, 2017

News broke this week that players can finally achieve their dream of getting paid to play their favorite titles. Rewards Passes are here from Sony to gift players a little something for their hours of devotion.

Almost a decade ago, Sony added trophies to PlayStation 3, all types of gaming circles to start their never-ending quest to up their PSN level.

Obtaining a shamefully-easy platinum in Hannah Montana The Game or the press start achievement in The Simpsons Game are wet dreams for trophy hunters.

The program has been around for a minute, but this is the first time that points can be gained by actually gaming. A feature like this has been requested by PlayStation fans for years.

Bronze trophies receive this, 100 silver, 25 gold and 10 platinum trophies net: 100, 250, and 1000 points respectively. Users could get $10 in PSN credit with 1000 points or other gaming, music and movie items the website contains.

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Points can also be earned by buying items on the PSN store, but users have to be registered with the program first. This means prior trophies and purchases won’t count toward any points. Everyone will start fresh like Samus at the start of most Metroid games.

Wouldn’t life be cooler if it had a reward program besides waking up in the morning? Ask a girl out and not cry after getting rejected, plus five points!

This is a US only affair for the moment, but other major regions like the EU and Asia should expect to get this at a later date because PlayStation tends to lag when it comes rolling out new features.

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The consoles under this program are the PlayStation 3, PS4, and Sony’s forgotten stepchild called the PS Vita.

For those wanting a good start point, Telltale games are notoriously easy to get a platinum for as they only usually require a player to just finish them.

Going for 100% completion in good (and bad) games has never been better as this program aims to enhance the gaming experience.

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