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Sony Puts Free Games for PlayStation Plus in the Trash

written by Damian Gordon March 1, 2018
Nathan Drake on his last legs in Uncharted 4

Sony’s PlayStation Plus has given gamers “free” titles every month to enjoy and that is all coming to an end. Spring cleaning is in full effect with the PlayStation Blog confirming that most of the PS family is going to be left behind from Plus.

However, this cleaning will take about 365 days because people can’t hold rage for a year straight. The mob will have been long tired and distracted by something crappy EA does to care.

PS3 and Vita owners will be waving goodbye to their free monthly games starting March 8, 2019. PlayStation 4 users will continue to get their free games as usual.

The Instant Game Collection was introduced in 2010, featuring a noticeable dip in big names after the PS4 released, requiring users to have it to play online. Plus also saw a price increase last year from $50 to $60 dollars with vague reasons given.

Xbox’s Games with Gold service does the same concept and lets 360 users keep their after the subscription ends. Which brings up the question of when those users will get the ax too.

BloodBrone archer in action with enemy on PlayStation Plus

Looking at the Plus Side

Vita users have been bracing themselves for this day ever since the system was called a legacy console by Sony execs. PS3 users knew this was coming since all their friends constantly send them invites they couldn’t accept from PS4.

A possible upside is that PS plus members could get AAA games every month like before a third console was added. Vita and PS3 players will also keep their ability to upload and download their games saves with the service. Another benefit that remains is discounts and sales, which actually have some good steals these days.

The March PlayStation Plus games came big with Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank, and many more. The full list of titles up for grabs is below.

  • Bloodborne– PS4
  • Bombing Busters– PS Vita, PS4 Cross Buy
  • Clarie: Extended Cut– PS Vita, PS4 Cross Buy
  • Legend of Kay– PS3
  • Mighty No. 9– PS3, PS4 Cross Buy
  • Ratchet and Clank– PS4

Ratchet and Clank mid-battle on PlayStation Plus

What do you think about this change to service? Will you review your Plus account? Let us know in the comments!

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