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Sony pops it’s cork for 20th anniversary of PlayStation, unveils anniversary edition PS4.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. December 3, 2014
Image of a PS4

Image of a PS4

Want to feel old? The PlayStation is 20 years old this year, that’s one year shy of being able to legally buy a beer in most states. 20 years! Ah I remember my first OG PlayStation fondly and the times I rocked some serious FF VII. Yes I’m one of those guys. Those were the days…

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Sony has whipped off the sheets and shown off the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4. Colored in the original grey of the first PlayStation, the Anniversary PS4 has custom accessories and runs in limited quantities. Everything about the setup is meant to scream “Hey we made it and it’s time to party!” and Sony wants us to party indeed. This party includes the custom PS4, custom DualShock controller, and unique to any bundle so far, a custom vertical stand and custom PS Eye. Every piece has that OG grey with the first gen PS logo on it somewhere. The PS4 and DualShock controller also have an etching of the iconic PS buttons on them.

Salivating yet? Bet you think it costs an arm and a leg right? Well it depends on “arm and a leg” to you as it’s going to run North American buyers just $499. A mere $100 over a regular PS4. But wait, there’s more! This PS4 is extremely limited. Limited as in only 12,300 – globally. Yes, globally. The hottest selling system so far of this generation and Sony wants to add more fuel to the fire.

And the extra good news? Like its predecessor, this special retro edition will still be compatible with solid-state drives.

Although the PS4 boasts fantastic graphics and heaps of gaming options, a lot of gamers are finding that lengthy boot times and tiresome loading screens can hold you back – especially if you are running out of storage space.

One way to combat this is by using a solid-state drive. To find out if the PS4 Pro SSD is the best storage upgrade for your gaming needs, check out the link.

Still want the anniversary edition PS4? If you said yes, then you need to know that the next step is to pre-order one of these bad boys this Saturday, December 6th. You can find it at store.sony.com this weekend.

So what say you geeks? Are you jonesing for one of these? Going to buy one to show off to your buddies and fellow geeks? Or are you afraid it might yellow? Hit up those comments and sound off! Watch the unboxing below and get excited!

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