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Sony Received Blackmail From Hacking Group Named “#GOP”

written by kimmyink90 November 25, 2014


Sony Pictures offices had a surprise waiting for them at their computers.  When employees tried to log-in to their computers, a strange picture appeared which lead the computers to become unresponsive to attempts at logging in.  As pictured above, the image depicted a CGI skeleton along with URL addresses.  The image also wrote out a threatening message to Sony Pictures from a hacking group who go by the name of “#GOP”.  It is interesting that they would use the name “#GOP” as if they were trying to start a Twitter trend, however that remains to be unknown.  Then again, a handful of Sony’s Twitter accounts were also seized supposedly by the same hackers and messages that were of similar origin were tweeted out.

Sony has since then managed to repossess their Twitter accounts, but it still has yet to be known whether or not Sony has managed to recover their computer access.


Apparently some demands were made and they have yet to be really… Understood as to what they really are.  The group has allegedly acquired some of their sensitive documents which are in a .zip file and have been shared on the URLs the message’s image has depicted.  Sony Pictures has been threatened to the extent that if #GOP’s demands are not met, the documents will be released.

The documents that were acquired by #GOP are suggested to have contents that contain podcasts, sensitive records, and password files.  (That might explain how they got a hold of some of Sony Pictures’ Twitter accounts.)  Until then, the studio unfortunately has to put a stop to their daily work.

According to Deadline, Sony released a statement:

“We are investigating an IT matter.”

I guess we will have to wait and see how this all plays out.  What do you think geeks?  Let us know in the comments below!

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