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Soothe Your Geek Soul With Fandom Tea!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 31, 2017
Fallout Perception

Maybe you’ve had a long day and just want to relax with your favorite show. Maybe your favorite show has you drowning in a puddle of feels. Whatever your reason, tea is there to comfort you. Now you can sip teas inspired by your favorite geeky pastimes. Adagio Teas is full of signature blends crafted by geeks like you and inspired by their favorite shows, video games, and more. Check out my favorites from the collections below!

Anime Inspired:


Studio Ghibli Teas: Forest Friends Tea is the gem of this collection. Inspired by My Neighbor Totoro, the flavors are all fresh and light. Jasmine and wild strawberry bring notes of Mei and Satsuki’s garden. It is a mostly herbal blend, so it has very little caffeine. Perfect for a rainy afternoon in with your favorite Ghibli film!


Tokyo Ghoul: Whether your favorite character was the spicy Kaneki, the assertive yet kind Touka, or sweet little Hinami-chan this collection has your back. Kaneki’s tea focuses on a blend of sweet apple and spice that perfectly represents his innocent turned erratic character. Touka’s blend is a blend of spice and soothing sweet coconut, showing her sweet kindness but also her spicy attitude. Hinami’s bend is pure sweetness with notes of chocolate, cream, and a little cinnamon for foreshadowing. Coffee isn’t the only thing to drink with Tokyo Ghoul anymore, pour yourself a cup before your next binge.

TV Show Inspired:

Jane from Firefly

Firefly Teas: This collection does Whedon proud with spot on representations of Firefly’s crew in every blend. The Jayne tea however has to be my favorite. The packaging sports my favorite quote from the show “Shiny, let’s be bad guys”. This tea has assertive black and earl grey notes that are real manly. But, paying tribute to his infamous hat, the blend is spiced up a bit by a hit of ginger and a bit of nuttiness to top it all off. Best enjoyed after a day of questionable looting.

Video Game Inspired:

Suit of Armor

Skyrim: Your sassy indebted servant turned tea; the ‘Dammit, Lydia!’ is the arrow to any Skyrim adventurer’s knee. While her exterior is all sweet cream and orange, this tea also has assertive notes of cinnamon and ginger to perfectly represent Lydia’s sarcasm. This tea will shoulder your soul’s burdens every time you make a cup, despite the spice.

Fallout Perception

Fallout Teas: The clever blender of the Fallout tea collection named each tea after a different perk. Perception is a personal favorite of mine in game, and now in cup too! Perfect for a morning wakeup, a cup of Perception delivers calming vanilla tones, and a burst of grapefruit, citrus, and caffeine to kick start your day. I can guarantee you will have heightened perception for the whole day after a cup of this tea…well at least until the caffeine wears off.

It’s a great time to be a geek with all these amazing TV/video game food and drink interpretations. If you haven’t made any video game recipes, check out some of my favorites in video game food IRL. If you aren’t a tea drinker, consider dipping your toe in with these fun blends. You can also axe a huge amount of sugar intake by substituting a flavorful cup for your usual blended coffee or energy drink in the morning. Do you drink tea? Have you ever tried a themed blend like the ones above? Let me know what your favorite tea is in the comments below!

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Adagio Teas

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