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South Korea Has a New Disturbing Trend: Plastic Surgery…For Dogs

written by Jon "BatPool" M May 17, 2016
Dog Surgery

South Korea is well on its way to becoming the plastic surgery capitol of the world. According to The Washington Post, 20% of all women in South Korea have undergone elective plastic surgery. In the United States, only 5% of women have undergone cosmetic operations with a skilled surgeon. Now, for whatever reason, the latest Korean trend is moving from self modification to plastic surgery for dogs.

Chosun Ilbo is one of the largest newspapers in South Korea and interviewed a handful of veterinarians on the country’s growing trend. There have been cases of plastic surgery on pets in the past, but they were strictly for medical reasons such as removing skin folds due to bacteria growth, relieving the Dog Itchy Skin.

In the interviews, one unnamed veterinarian stated:

“Plastic surgery for pets in the past were for medical reasons but the result also brought better looking dogs, so there is a growing customer base getting a plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons on their dogs.”

These surgical procedures include ear trimming, tail shortening, wrinkle straightening, removal of stretch marks, double eyelid surgery, fat removal, and the one that angers me most, dog botox. I wish I was kidding.

Dog Surgery

The photo above is a before and after photo of a dog that had its eyelids modified to make the eyes appear bigger, making the pup “cuter”.

While many Korean citizens are appalled by the practice, some, including a few vets, claim that there is no problem with it. The following excerpt is translated from Chosun Ilbo’s article by Koreaboo:

‘The opinions regarding this issue have been split between pet owners and veterinary hospitals and animal rights groups. The veterinary named Yoon Sin Geun claimed that it is, ‘the owner’s right for wanting to make their pets pretty and it is too much to criticize procedures that are proven to be safe.’ In response to this the animal rights activists claimed that, ‘it is animal abuse to have procedures done on animals that can’t voice their opinions.’

Dog Surgery

The internet is exploding with rage on the matter. I did a search on Twitter to see what some were saying:

I, for, one am appalled. I cannot believe that this is an actual trend. I believe that if a person wants elective cosmetic procedures done, then by all means, go right ahead. Your pets, however, cannot elect whether or not they want to undergo the procedures, therefore it should be banned unless strictly for medical benefits. What do you think? Is this disturbing trend alright with you? Let us know in the comments below.

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