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South Park: Television for Assholes.

written by Ali L September 22, 2015


Last Wednesday South Park debuted the first episode of season 19, “Stunning and Brave”; Principal Victoria has been fired and replaced with “P.C. Principal”, a mouth breathing tyrant who brings on an all out invasion of P.C. Bros to town. Their message? “P.C. is back and it’s bigger than ever… Suck it.” *mic drop*

Sick of the constant detentions and harassing, the boys rally Cartman to “Tom Brady this thing” and use the “lessons that football has taught us all” to take down P.C. Principal once and for all. When his plan fails and he ends up in the hospital, the gang thinks they have lost against the P.C. Bros as they turn their hazing on Kyle for saying “Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero.”

When Cartman hears that Kyle has become the main focus of the P.C. Bros, he devises a plan to bombard the Bros’ Frat house with pregnant Mexican women, tacos, Syrian refugees, Jared from Subway and Chinese drivers. It leads to an outburst from Kyle, who finally admits the bravely, beauty and elegance of Caitlyn Jenner.


“By all means, keep your dick out.”

Overall, the first episode of the season seemed more preachy than funny, but the lesson I think is there is a careful balance in keeping P.C. and being allowed to have a dissenting opinion. Differing opinions stimulate dialogue y’all, m’kay?

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