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Spider-Man 2099 Artist Launches Superhero Drawing App

written by Jordan Cobb October 27, 2016

Many of us that read comic books have no doubt at one point or another thought of an idea for our own comic book we’d like to make. Admit it, come on, I have too. Now just about any of us can think of the idea and maybe write it out, but drawing is a skill that sadly we all can’t master. But one artist over at Marvel would like to help you out with that.

Current Spider-Man 2099 artist Will Sliney and his brother Aidan have launched the drawing app simply titled, Learn How to Draw. Available only on Android devices right now, iOS version coming soon, the app features many tutorials that will teach you how to draw your very own superheroes like a pro so that you create exactly what you envision and something that doesn’t look like what might go on a parents fridge. And yes, you will have to do the work in drawing it yourself. Just because its a drawing app doesn’t mean it’ll draw for you.

The app will have multiple books that each focus on a specific form of drawing with some of the earliest books focusing on the typical heroic male figure and how you can draw that in full and also three-quarter view and others will tackle the harder parts such as drawing arms, faces, and the most dreaded, hands. More books later on will feature more heroic poses, facial features, and female heroic figures since the tutorials right now are focusing on male characters.

Learn How to Draw is free to download on your device, but if you want the advanced books those can be bought via in-app purchases for only $0.99 per book with a subscription option as well for the same price since new content will come to the app weekly.


Sure having a little artistic ability would help, but for those that just wanna draw and dive on into it, I think this app might just do the trick.

What do you think of this? Think you might give it a shot? Let us know in the comments below!

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