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SPOILER ALERT! Don’t Be “That Guy”

written by Johnny Perkins December 10, 2017
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With Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiering yesterday I wanted to take a moment to address spoilers. We live in a fast-paced world, where news and information are in front of people before anyone even knows what they’re looking at. Spoilers are inevitable, sometimes you can’t help but see them. But what are they? Spoilers, according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary;

information about the plot of a motion picture or TV program that can spoil a viewer’s sense of surprise or suspense; alsoa person who discloses such information

So that sets the bar, don’t share details that surprise you in a movie or in a TV show. Is that it though? Is it that simple? Well no. As fan’s we all want to experience the content we love in our own time and not have details big or small ruined for us. Trailers and Studios do enough to try and spoil the plots and secrets of movies without “that guy” down the street telling you Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Spoilers! I know.

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Time Limits

There is a time limit on what’s considered a spoiler though. Like if you didn’t know Vader is Luke’s father, then get out of the rock you’ve been hiding under for 35 years. While I may be pushing it with the amount of time I believe someone should wait to openly discuss details, which is one full year, many people adhere to the two-week rule. If you haven’t seen the new movie within two-weeks, then it sucks to be you. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t adhere to any rules.

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Don’t be “that guy”

So you know someone who doesn’t adhere to any guidelines for spoilers, they don’t warn you before talking about it or they just post the details on Facebook. Don’t be that person. Here are 5 simple steps to not be “that guy”

  1. Stick to general feelings about movies or shows. Instead of saying “OMG Vader is Luke’s Father??” say “OMG Empire totally Shocked me” You convey the same sentiment without spoiling any details.
  2. Warn of spoilers or ask if the person you are talking to if they have seen the movie yet to make sure you are not spoiling. You can save a lot of anger from friends and family if you just double check first to make sure they’re ok to talk about it.
  3. Don’t write or talk about details on any social media. You can abstain from discussing plot point or the movie all together on any social media. I know, crazy thought, but if you feel like you are going to spill the beans, please avoid places where it is going to bother someone.
  4. Use Reddit or other message boards that are open to spoilers and want to talk about the plot and crazy reveals in your favorite shows and movies. 
  5. Don’t share someone else’s spoilers. Some people like to watch the world burn. So they will just post on Facebook something like “Vader is Luke’s Father”, sharing that post is as bad as writing it yourself. Even if it was spoiled for you and you decide to say screw it, I got it spoiled for me, so now everyone has to feel my pain. Don’t. You are now just as bad as the original spoiler.

How to combat seeing spoilers

So what can you do to avoid spoilers? I do a social media blackout. Since the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was last night and I won’t see it until opening night next Thursday, I will not go onto Reddit, Imgur, or twitter until then. I will also use Facebook less frequently up until Thursday when I will not open it until after the credits finish rolling. My way is a bit more extreme, but for me, I’d rather be extra careful to avoid ruining the surprises Rian Johnson has cooked up. Other ways to avoid spoilers is to avoid the trolls and places where trolls like to hang out. We all have a friend or several that just love to troll people and will post spoilers just to get a reaction, block them. Block them until you are ready to know. Why put yourself through it, just avoid those who wish to do you harm.

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Final Thoughts

So this is where I leave you on spoilers. Don’t be “that guy” and avoid them at all costs. We are all fans, maybe not of the same universes but we can all appreciate that we love what we love. We don’t want our favorite thing spoiled so don’t spoil someone else’s.

What are your thoughts on spoilers? How do you avoid them? Let us know in the comments.

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