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A SpongeBob SquarePants musical is on the way

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 29, 2016

That’s right, you heard correctly – A SpongeBob musical is not only happening, but it’s happening soon. The Nickelodeon adaptation will be coming to Chicago, IL June 7th.


Ethan Slater will be acting the part of the main character, SpongeBob, and the director of the musical says “embodies the essence of SpongeBob” … which is a good thing? Either way, it gives fans something to look forward to as fan favourites come to life in this musical adaptation of a long-standing cartoon.

“I was sitting in my friend’s dorm room on a beanbag chair holding a plush doll of SpongeBob and looking at a poster of SpongeBob, when I opened an e-mail and attached was a picture of SpongeBob, and that was when I realised what I would be auditioning for.”

It was practically fate, according to the budding actor. Slater will be joined by other actors playing characters such as Patrick, Sandy, and the love-to-hate Squidward. The show is also going to eventually make its way to New York, but a date for that premiere has not been set yet.


There are not a whole lot of details known about the upcoming musical, but Slater does mention in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the musical will focus heavily on comedy while showing the more “human” side of SpongeBob. “Yes, I’m a sponge, but really I’m a human.” All right, then.

You can also check out the video below that showcases random behind-the-scenes videos which are pretty hilarious. Until then, we wait. Bikini Bottom needs us.

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