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The Spookiest Halloween Treats You’ve Ever Seen

written by Tony Valdez October 26, 2016
ChristineMcConnell at Halloween

Halloween is upon us! And if you’re in the spirit of things, you’re probably all set to go. Some of us have been ready for months. Decorations up, costume ready, party RSVP’d… Even if that party is simply watching awesome horror movies and handing out cavity-fueling nightmares to all the neighborhood children.

If you feel like upping your domestic All Hallows’ Eve game though, take some geek-tastic inspiration from artist & photographer Christine McConnell.

ChristineMcConnell at Halloween

McConnell has gained an internet following for creating stunningly dark and twisted baked goods all year round. She even released a cookbook earlier this year titled Deceptive Desserts. The cover image alone, featuring a cake topped with a Frankenstein head, should tell you what you’re in for.

Deceptive Desserts cookbook

Heavily inspired by the likes of Tim Burton, Vincent Price, the classic Universal Monsters and so on, McConnell has taken the art of baked goods to a whole new level. And as seen on her Instagram page, Halloween is naturally the time of year where she shines. Here’s a small sample of her latest creations:

Mr. Whiskers Coconut Krispy treats

Mr. Whiskers (Frankenweenie) Coconut Krispy treats

Caramel Nut Brown Recluse Spiders

Caramel Nut Brown Recluse Spiders

Cookies with chocolate chip eyes

Stop judging me while I eat you, chocolate chips!

Every little creature and spooky creation is 100% edible. If you dare, that is. I think those spiders might be too real for my anxiety. (*spine shiver*)

McConnell also created a 2-foot tall gingerbread recreation of the mansion featured in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The masterpiece was showcased at the film’s screening in Los Angeles last month.

You can find some of McConnell’s Halloween recipes posted at Food.com and check out more of her assorted creations on her frequently updated Instagram.

Happy (and spooky) baking!

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