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Sprint customer? Not for long says CNBC

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg June 16, 2014


Sprint just can’t seem to get a break. With falling customer numbers to holes in the network, looks like even in the event they were to spend billions (around $32 of those) to acquire T-Mobile they might not even keep their name. According to a recent report from CNBC, Sprint is going to finally give confirmation on the intention to gobble up the pink uncarrier. The recently new owner of Sprint ‘Softbank’ looks to take on the T-Mobile name to use the new speed the uncarrier has grown with loudmouth and awesome CEO John Ledger.

This seems like a very unorthodox move as Sprint is the actual company buying the other but I think it is a smart choice as just the name has grown to have negative feels when said out loud. Try it say it right now and see if you get the feeling to switch carriers…nah didn’t think so. If this purchase does not go through looks like Softbank will still have to fork out some serious dough at a whopping $2 billion break-up fee to T-Mobile. Ouch.

David Faber reported from CNN

“Something I’ve talked about so many times and something we’re fairly certain of is going to come to pass which is if, in fact, this deal does get announced, the plan is that T-Mobile would be the brand they go with,” David Faber reported. “And John Ledger’s management team would be in charge.”


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