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Remastered Spyro Trilogy will Fly onto PS4 this Year

written by Damian Gordon February 14, 2018
Spyro flying in skylanders

Out with the old in the new…ish

Another PlayStation classic looks to be getting a facelift as it appears that Spyro the Dragon is breaking free from his Skylanders leash to revisit the glory days.

News hit that a Spyro remasted for the PlayStation 4 will be announced in March with a scheduled Q3 release. This means fans should be expecting it to drop anywhere from July to September, so head over to https://kigurumi.co/collections/onesies-spyro to get your Spyro onesie so you’re ready for when it does!

The package receives a complete overhaul: new animations, assets, lighting, particle effects, cutscenes, and a redone soundtrack.

This is going to be a timed exclusive, hitting other platforms the following year. Spyro the Dragon, Ripto’s Rage! along with Year of the Dragon are said to be included in the package.

spyro talking to crash in skylanders

Another Activision remaster from last year, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, included content cut from the original. So Spyro could receive the same treatment as well.

Vicarious Visions will return to develop the Sypro remaster after working on the Crash trilogy in 2017. This September sees the purple dragon celebrating his 20th anniversary, so seeing this coming to fruition makes sense.

The publisher expressed their interest in going to their backlog to remaster more titles. In the past two years, Activision has remastered: Crash Bandicoot, CoD 4, and StarCraft and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Spyro being next in line was only a matter of time.

spyro surveying the level

Insomniac Games developed the original Spyro games before moving on to Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive. They along with their friendly rivals Naughty Dog helped to define gaming in the PS1 era with Spyro and Crash. A new generation is now able to play these challenging platformers to invoke the same rage many felt 20 years ago.

What Spyro title are you most excited to play again? What is another title you wanna see get an update? Tell us in the comments!

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