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Brand New IPs, Tomb Raider And More From Square Enix’s E3!

written by Tyler June 12, 2018
Square Enix's Shadow of the Tomb Raider

As the last few E3 coverage we’ve had, we’re going to cover Square Enix’s press conference with an easy-to-digest version, with detailed coverage of the games revealed later on.

  • Square Enix opened their E3 presentation with Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix with a message introducing what will be shown for their conference.
  • First off, Square Enix showed a trailer for Shadow of The Tomb Raider, with Lara in a plane that’s going down. Descriptions about the adventure and survival turned into “Becoming one with the jungle”. They then showed some of Lara’s new abilities, like shooting and hiding up in a tree while shooting specific poising darts, setting traps to hoist enemies in the air and typical distraction and stealth assassinations.
    • Full underwater exploration and survival were mentioned. More and deadlier tombs are to be expected, as well as huge explosions and combat sequences. Release date set for Sept 14 of this year.
  • A trailer for Final Fantasy XIV Under The Moonlight patch was shown.

  • The developers from Life Is Strange came on to promote Captain Spirit (with a new trailer too), saying they have many stories to tell in the life is strange universe, alluding to the fact that some characters you meet here will be shown in Life Is Strange 2.
  • After that, a trailer for a very cartoony title, Dragon Quest XI, was shown. Dragons, combat, and anime characters. If this sounds up your alley, with music that’s very Zelda-ish, then take a look at it when it releases on Sept 4, 2018.
  • A trailer showing the history of war, and some mysteries characters, with a 2019 set for release, was the title Babylon’s Fall. No real info on the game, but tantalizing nonetheless. Supposedly a new IP?
  • Nier Automata had a trailer showing the Become As Gods Edition releasing June 26th.
  • A little JRPG looking title called Octopath Traveler got a release date for July 13th this year.

  • Just Cause 4 had a new trailer. It’s what you’d expect, more explosions, etc. This time they had a narrator that discussed the setting of South America. Looks like you can explore Mayan ruins, Gabriella is the antagonist, and apparently the introduction of a new physics engine to support their roaring blizzards, sandstorms and tornados that can rip through and destroy everything.
    • Vehicles overhauled, new additions like cranes, bulldozers and micro jets. Speaking of, Rico’s jet can be customized, with boosters, and extra grapples for new ideas of gameplay. Enemies will have vastly improved AI, and it looked like there were some super-stealth enemies. Looks like what I want out of a Just Cause game, which is just Michael Bay-esque craziness. December 4 of this year set as the release date.
  • After that, a trailer for a new IP called “The Quiet Man” showed combat in an alleyway, with more to reveal in August. Looks mysterious! I’m always up for a new IP.

  • Trailer came on for Kingdom Hearts III. Classic characters, and awesome animation, looks like!

Well some interesting stuff in Square Enix’s conference, it’s impressive they crammed it in a 30 min time-frame. I really want to see and know more about the mysterious new IPs, The Quiet Man and Babylon’s Fall. Keep an eye on Don’t Hate The Geek for more coverage the following weeks!

What about you geeks? Excited for some of Square Enix’s announcements? Tell us in the comments!

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