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Stageman Underwear cares more about your junk than you do. NSFW REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg November 28, 2015

Yes this is an article on DHTG about underwear. You know why? Because it is something that needs to be addressed and I think Stageman Underwear has embodied exactly how I feel about it. Underwear is one of the few things out there that has really not had any vast improvements or changes throughout time. I wonder why? Underwear is one of the most important pieces of our clothing as it always the first thing on (for those of us that wear it…and if not eewwww) and the last thing we take off. Why would we not want it to be as advanced and comfortable as the rest of the clothing?

I had the chance to sit down with Michael Stageman and talk a little about his new underwear line Stageman Underwear. I have never met someone who cared more for my junk than this man….yes laugh its funny. This dude had me rolling talking about penises, balls, underwear, protection, and all things my inner seven-year old had a hard time handling as an adult conversation. After seeing the differences in his underwear line compared to normal sets out there and how they could benefit me I feel I now need to show my care for fellow geeks junk out there as well.


First things right out of the gate when putting the underwear on you notice there is a little area for your boys. This is nice as it keeps all the chafing out of the equation. With them in their own little protective area no need to really try to readjust or have to move around on a sweaty day. They just stay where they are supposed to. Now as you can see in the pic below….no giggling, the sausage also has its own area. So between the two spots you never end up with that sweaty gross feel. Throw in the premium material these are made out of and you have an amazing feel and security. At first I thought about how weird this might feel. After seeing the prototype and realizing that when you take all of the shifting out of the mix that it would feel pretty awesome.


Michael had this to say

“I watch so much money spent on the boob…why not on the frank and beans? Think about a bra and the security and support that women pay extreme amounts of money for. Why would we not want to duplicate that on an area that is just as important and fragile?”


Now as you get all of your snickering out and start actually seeing the use in these like I did you can start to imagine how good these would feel on. Michael was telling me about how he had so many people in the sports and athletics area that loved the idea of these. Yes that’s great and I can see the use for that 100% but I looked at it as something that would be great for us geeks at home as well. I showed this idea to our new eSports team that we are sponsoring BlindFyre Gaming and all of them loved the idea for gaming and those not so….fresh moments. So as you sit there in those Deadpool boxers that you have had for 3 years (yes the ones that the waist is all blown out) and your you got your boys fighting over which leg to stick to, do me a favor think about these and lets show Stageman Underwear that these have a place in the geek world. Stageman has already hit his goal to funding on Kickstarter which we are so happy about but anything helps. Go show your geeky support below! I know I will be stocking my drawer with these how about you?

[button color=”green” size=”big” link=”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stageman/stageman-underwear-anti-chafing-performance-gear” icon=”” target=”true”]I want my boys covered by Stageman now![/button]

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