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Stagnant Future? Emilia Clarke talks Sarah Conner.

written by Surllio April 21, 2016
Emilia Clarke as Sarah Conner engages in an intense conversation.

Emilia Clarke is no longer Sarah Connor.  The actress recently did an interview over at ComingSoon.net.  When asked about reprising the role, she said “No. Can I say that? It’s okay. No. Uh-uh. But I have some very different roles coming up.”

It seems that there is no hope for the Terminator franchise.  Despite Terminator Genisys doing modestly at the box office last summer ($440 Million) it wasn’t the outing they were expecting for the reboot/sequel/prequel/re-imagining.  At this point you could tell me it is a bubblegum pop tart and I would believe you.

This comes after Skydance’s Chief Executive Officer Dana Goldberg said last October that the franchise was re-adjusting to the performance of Genisys at the box office.  To make matters even more grim the projected sequels were removed from the Paramount release schedule back in January.

Terminator Genisys was met with average to low ratings by critics.  A mess of a movie where one of the only shining points was Emilia Clarke.  She was the 3rd actress to play the part (or 4th if you count that there were 2 actresses in Genisys) and found a way to sort of bridge the gap between Hamilton’s performance in the first two films.

Emilia Clarke as Sarah Conner stands ready for the action to come.

With five film outings and a television series to the franchise one can only imagine where it will go from here.  Perhaps Paramount should put it on the shelf for the time being and approach it a few years from now with a fresh perspective.

What should they do with the Terminator franchise?  With a series about time traveling robots and time paradoxes the sky is the limit.  They could surprise us all and move away from the John Connor paradox, but I don’t see them doing that.  Whatever they decide to do it is clear that there won’t be anything new for the foreseeable future.

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