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Stan Lee to Appear in Marvel’s Agent Carter

written by April Carvelli January 16, 2015


Stan Lee may be best known for his Marvel comics, but as every Marvel fan will tell you what’s a Marvel Movie without a Stan Lee Cameo?

We all wait for that moment where he is stopped by a blind kid, seen hanging with some hotties, or selling hot dogs. He’s always there in the background of the Marvel movies somewhere.

Now he is moving to the small screen cameos with an appearance in Marvel’s Agent Carter. Stan “The Man” Lee will be in episode 4, which premieres on Tuesday, January 27th on ABC at 9:00 ET.

Check out a few of the behind-the-scenes shots:






And just in case you didn’t know this…the header picture on this article was the originally intended cameo scene for Stan in Guardians of the Galaxy. According to director James Gunn they would have digitally replaced the actor with Stan and placed him in the Collector’s museum where Groot would spy him and gasp in shock.

I think it would have made a good addition and a unique cameo, though I like the one they kept. Maybe we will see it in a directors cut and “The Man” will get a secondary cameo?

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