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Star Trek: The Next Generation to Face Off Against Aliens

written by Jordan Cobb October 31, 2016

Two comic book companies with plenty of licensed properties to their name that are ripe for making dream crossovers coming true are IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics. IDW have published books of such properties as Transformers, Godzilla, and Orphan Black. Dark Horse has books set in the worlds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tomb Raider, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, with a Legend of Korra original graphic novel coming next year.

Two of the biggest ones are Star Trek, which is with IDW, and the Aliens franchise that currently resides over at Dark Horse. Two really popular and beloved franchises will soon come together and make the dreams of many of their fans come bursting out of their chest.


It was announced at the MCM London Comic Con that The Next Generation of the Enterprise led by Captain Picard will come face-to-facehugger with the Xenomorphs in a crossover miniseries. The book will also feature appearances by longstanding Star Trek enemies The Borg and Romulians just to make things a little more difficult for those aboard the starship.


No set number of issues have been set for the crossover, but Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens will be written by Scott and David Tipton, regular Star Trek writers at IDW, and drawn by J.K. Woodard, making this the second crossover event with the TNG crew done by the team. Their previous adventure with another property was when they teamed alongside the Eleventh Doctor and his companions Amy and Rory in Assimilation 2 to take down both The Borg and Cybermen.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens is set to be published sometime next year.

How excited are you for this? What is your biggest dream crossover? Let us know in the comments below!

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