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Star Wars Bloodlines releases May 3rd

written by Branden H April 28, 2016
Han Solo with Blaster and General Leia Organa

When the Force Awakens was announced fans of the old extended universe novels wept as they watched much of the history get wiped from existence. Since then the new batch of writers have been successfully building out a new universe with that process continues the release of Claudia Grey’s Bloodlines which puts the focus squarely on Leia Organa in the years before the latest Star Wars movie.

The novel follows Leia as she struggles to keep the fledgling New Republic Senate from collapsing, from both external and internal threats. She will have to deal with Underworld Kingpins, shady politicians and old loyalists of the Empire while being encouraged to take a position of power known as the First Senator. All while a threat is growing on the edges of the galaxy.

That information alone is enough to get your average Star Wars fan salivating, but over at StarWars.com Jen Heddle, the senior editor for Fiction at Lucasfilm, dropped a lot more information that really should make a Star Wars fan look forward to reading this novel.

Let’s start with the fact that the director of episode VIII, Rian Johnson, provided some of the story ideas and elements within the novel… meaning we will get a glimpse into the mind of the man who is going to be filming the next big tent pole movie in the Star Wars franchise. On top of that Han Solo, the legend himself, is a secondary character in the novel and we will get to see more of their relationship together before the fallout that occurred sometime before the events of the movie. Splash some political intrigue in there and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Han Solo firing his blaster

We’ll also meet two new heroes to the Star Wars Universe. A young republic pilot named Joph and Leia’s personal assistant Greer. These two are loyal to Leia’s cause and will certainly add to the supporting cast of the novel and continue to breath new life into the franchise as it blossoms for a new generation. Heroes can’t exist without villains and though Jen did not reveal any names, she assured us that there are plenty. We will meet a politician on the opposite side of Leia in the senate who might be sympathetic to the old Empire and we will get to see how the First Order got it’s start.

Star Wars Bloodlines cover. Leia in the shadow of Darth Vader

Top that all off with a huge revelation, that might just be hinted at, on the cover of the book and you’ve got what sounds like an amazing read on your hands. Claudia Grey’s new book will release on May 3rd and should be a great read for anyone invested in Star Wars lore. Feel free to pre-order here from Amazon!

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