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‘Star Wars: X-Wing’ Second Edition Tabletop Game Is Coming!

written by Nick Allen May 10, 2018
x-wing squadron in Star Wars A New Hope

Big news for fans of Star Wars and tabletop games alike! Last week, Fantasy Flight Games announced that they are releasing a second edition of their highly successful Star Wars: X-Wing miniature game.

Fantasy Flight Games released Star Wars: X-Wing in 2012. In the six years since, the game has grown more and more elaborate. Currently, there are 58 different ships with which you can play the game, and even more cards, tokens, and movement tools. The game focuses on starfighter combat, giving players the ability to customize their squadrons as well as individual ships. The ships themselves, purchased via expansion packs, are incredibly detailed, positively gorgeous, pre-painted, and to scale.

Game pieces from Fantasy Flight's 'Star Wars: X-Wing'.

Game pieces from Fantasy Flight’s ‘Star Wars: X-Wing’.

Is this news good or bad for fans and players of the game?

Overall, I think it’s a good move. Yes, this could be a cash grab on the part of the game company. That being said, there are plenty of good things happening here. Fantasy Flight says that they are committed to providing gamers a “better experience” when playing. These changes sound like they’d do just that.

First, Fantasy Flight says they’ve “refined” gameplay in order to “improve the game’s flow, clean up interactions, and refocus the game on the physical act of flying starships”. They’ve also made changes to make the Force a major part of gameplay.

In addition, the developers have strengthened faction identities in the game. This means that the different factions (the Rebellion, Empire, etc.) will now have more distinct tactics, advantages, and disadvantages. Another significant change is that the First Order and Resistance are now completely separate factions from the Empire and Rebellion, respectively.

'Star Wars: X-Wing' second edition will involve a squad builder app and website. Image copyright Fantasy Flight Games

‘Star Wars: X-Wing’ second edition will involve a squad builder app and website. Image copyright Fantasy Flight Games

Another interesting development is the creation of a squad builder app. Apparently, players will now be able to use an app or website to organize their ships and assemble new teams. This could be helpful in deciding which expansions to purchase and how to best build your squad. It will also be a way to explore alternate rule sets for organized play, creating something that is “dynamic and constantly evolving”.

The Future of ‘Star Wars: X-Wing’

Without going into too much detail, these are the major changes coming to the game. Again, overall, it sounds like an improvement to me. Tabletop games like X-Wing can benefit from refinement and refocusing. I think that’s exactly what Fantasy Flight is trying to do.

X-Wing: Second Edition will be released in September 2018. Fans of the first edition will be able to purchase a conversion kit, which will include everything they need to play the second edition.

What do you think of this move from Fantasy Flight Games? Are you going to run out and buy the second edition as soon as it comes out? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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