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StarCraft’s 20th Anniversary + Our First Twitch Game Stream!

written by Tyler April 6, 2018
StarCraft 20th anniverary, showing the newly created art

It was 3:30 PM on a Tuesday, and I was just coming home from school. The last two classes were a blur. The only thing on my mind was going home, firing up StarCraft and continuing my saga in ‘3v3 Fastest’, ‘Sunken Defense’, or even the phenomenal single-player campaign. I open the door, fling my bag on the floor and plop in my chair. The next four hours were a thing of beauty.

Many people can attest to the addiction of the original StarCraft release, and better yet it’s expansion, Brood War. It hit all the right nerves for a space opera in a video game format, and a real-time strategy nonetheless. Countless hours were spent either climbing the competitive ladder, playing the epic campaign, or even crafting your own maps. This strategy gem from yesteryear became such a phenomenon that its sequel spawned an even bigger trigger in the eSports scene. Shortly after, Blizzard released a remaster for the original 90’s release and its new visual overhaul gave me another reason (as if I needed one) to replay the original campaign.

Thus, that awesome Tuesday in the 90s has come and gone, and we’re looking at 20 years that have passed since the original release. Blizzard is celebrating StarCraft’s 20th anniversary by giving away in-game rewards such as skins, cosmetics, and other items in all their games. Overwatch gets a Kerrigan skin, Diablo gets a ‘Battlecruiser’ pet, Starcraft 2 gets UI skins, Heroes Of The Storm gets new portraits and Hearthstone gets free card packs for playing a StarCraft-themed brawl. Even World Of Warcraft gets StarCraft-themed pets for saluting the 20th anniversary in celebration.

StarCraft remastered, showing a battle

Also, here at Don’t Hate The Geek, we’re going to be playing StarCraft Remastered in celebration on our very first game stream, on Twitch, FaceBook Live, YouTube Gaming and other platforms! We are launching tonight at 7:00 PM EST so make sure you check out our Twitch page for our schedule and stay tuned to hang out with us! Now, I’m going to fire up the campaign and take a long zerg-infested trip down memory lane.

What about you geeks? Anyone remember playing the StarCraft of the 90’s?

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