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‘Stardew Valley’ Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Month

written by Jason Marcano December 12, 2016
Stardew Valley Title

Starting December 13th PlayStation 4 owners will finally be able to see what all the fuss over Stardew Valley is about. Xbox One gamers will have to wait until the 14th to start the peaceful life of a farmer. Stardew Valley hit the PC in February of this year and is still receiving rave reviews in the Steam store.

It’s worth noting that Ape had this to say about the game appearing on Nintendo consoles:

“Stardew Valley will not be coming to the Wii U, however. Looking at Wii U and the current gaming landscape, we made the difficult choice to shift our development efforts to creating a version for Nintendo Switch.  I am really looking forward to the Switch, and I believe that the Switch’s unique capabilities could create some exciting opportunities for Stardew Valley. I do want to emphasize that I am absolutely committed to seeing Stardew Valley on Nintendo platforms…”

What is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is essentially a love letter to a game released in the 90s called Harvest Moon. Like Harvest MoonStardew Valley is a farming simulator at its core. You buy, inherit, or otherwise acquire a large swath of land and grow crops on it. But there is more to both games than digging holes and watering carrots.

Your farm is often adjacent to a small town whose inhabitants you forge meaningful relationships with. You’ll woo suitors, befriend shop keeps, and carve out your own story in the perilous wilderness surrounding your land. It is here where Stardew Valley strays from the path laid by Harvest Moon.

Stardew Valley leans heavily on the RPG mechanics. Just outside your homestead there is a vast and treacherous cave full of valuable minerals and deadly monsters. The deeper you manage to go into this cave, not only does the ore found increase in value, but the enemies become more difficult.

Stardew Valley Cave

Spelunking isn’t the only way to whittle away the hours in the game. As the newest denizen of the quaint village, and a total greenhorn to the farming life, you’ll have to work on many survival skills. Fishing, cooking, and foraging are three equally important skills you’ll have to learn. How else do you intend to survive if you don’t learn to live off the land and fend for yourself?

Stardew Valley isn’t all work and no play however. There are a number of singles mingling around the quiet town in case life on the farm gets too lonely. Each possible life partner has their own unique story line, cut scenes, and personalities. Once you find the guy or gal of your dreams, they’ll move onto the farm with you and you may even have children.

You’ll also be able to help rebuild the town, donate artifacts to the local museum, play dress-up with your avatar, and fully customize your ramshackle house.

Stardew Valley House

Stardew Valley has been charming PC gamers with its delightful visuals and catchy music—over 2 hours of it!—since February of this year. On December 13th and 14th, console gamers will finally be able to get in on the game that has reviews like this:

“Pirated it, feel guilty. Bought the game.” – HolyLeonerd

“You take care of potatoes.  10/10 GOTY…” – kony

Will any of you geeks be tending the farm this year now that the game is finally on consoles? Let us know if you plan on getting, or already have Stardew Valley in the comments below. If you already own it, share some stories about why it’s so great. You can check out more about the game here.

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