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Steam Awards Announced-Nominate Now!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson November 26, 2016
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Head over to Steam before November 29th to nominate your favorite games for the first ever Steam Awards!

Steam Awards

This December Steam is letting you choose which games should win awards for the year.There are eight categories that cover everything from “one-more-turn syndrome” to “the best use of farm animals.” The most unique  is “The We Didn’t Think Of Anything Award”. This award acknowledges that there are tons of amazing games that won’t fit into the other seven categories. You can submit your own idea for the final category and which game you think fits it the best! The best few will be selected after review by the committee.

Nominating a game is really simple for steam users. Just choose your favorite game for each category and click nominate on the games’ Steam store page. Four badges are offered for nominating games but to earn one you have to make sure you review the game. Another great perk is that you gain XP for each badge you earn!

I believe that Civilization VI will make an appearance in the “Just Five More Minutes” category since one-more-turn syndrome is historic with the series. While the most exhaustion I’ve suffered as a gamer is because of the Civ series, it is worth all the sleep deprivation.

Another interesting category is the “Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude!”. Meant for mind melting games, I think completely bizarre and hilarious Montaro fits perfectly. You play an endless side-scroller as a Shiba Inu that uses the panties of passersby to regain health from bird attacks and falls off of buildings. You can also collect coins to buy new outfits for yourself. My mind melts every time I play.

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The Steam Awards nomination period is linked to the Steam Autumn Sale, running from November 23-29. I have a feeling the winning games from each category might go on sale during the Winter Sale! The latest rumor is that Winter 2016 Steam Sale will run from December 22-January 2.

How do you feel about a user-nominated award system? What games will you nominate? Let us know in the comments! 

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