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Steam Broadcasting Is Now Up and Running

written by kimmyink90 January 21, 2015


The latest update to the Steam Client has now made Steam Broadcasting come live.

Players can now watch and broadcast to and from those who are on their friends list.  Players can send a request to those playing a game by right-clicking on their friend’s name who is in-game and selecting the option to “Watch Game”.  Once this is done, the user playing the game will receive a request which requires acceptance in order to allow the viewing of their game.  This new feature has included a chat section that will be seen by the player.

Since it was announced last year, Steam Broadcasting was developed as a different way for players to stream content instead of using other popular outlets such as Twitch.  Valve intended this new feature to be easy for players and viewers to use and will not require any additional fees, ownership of the game, or other apps to be downloaded in order to take advantage of it.

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