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Steam horror game green lit titled “Welcome to the Game”

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 1, 2016

Welcome to the Game is a Horror game based on the darker side of the internet. Welcome to the Game was only green lit on May 27th, 2016 and now Steam has picked up the producing rights and will hopefully release this game soon. There isn’t a set release date yet, however, many YouTube Gamers have already started playing it and given their reactions.

Welcome to the Game is a first-person Puzzle Horror Game where you play as someone in their little house, looking at a red room on their computer, and making sure you don’t get hacked or kidnapped while you watch horrible things happen to people in a Red Room.

Welcome to the Game 2


For those who don’t know what a Red Room is, those rooms are part of the darker side of the internet and people pay to watch someone being tortured and/or murdered. This game will bring those Red Rooms to light and makes the gameply intense because the plot is based on things that can actually happen in the real world.

Welcome to the Game makes you worry about your surroundings, worry about being hacked–which leads to your location being tracked and then you get kidnapped–and find a way to track your way into a Red Room. What happens from there? We have no idea.

There is no set release date as of right now as the project was only green lit recently. However, we can hope this survival game will come out this year. Let us know what you think about this concept in the comments!

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