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Stone Blade Ascends the Board

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson November 23, 2016
App main-screen Ascension

Ascension warrior with sword

Tired of the typical board game? Take a look at a deck building game with a twist; an app format! Stone Blade Entertainment has launched an app platform for one of its most popular board game series, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. The game, released both on Steam and in the App Store, was designed to promote Ascension league participation.

As a deck building game featuring its own lore and continual building of the series with each new expansion, Ascension is worth a play-through no matter what format you choose. The player’s goal is to build a team of heroes, mages, and other constructs, who rally together to defeat monsters, gather new initiates, and gain honor (a type of currency) which tallies up to crown a winner.

App main-screen Ascension

Game Play

The app format allows for online play against friends, or offline gameplay against one to three AI. You can choose the difficulty of each AI, and their strategies vary from game to game. This insures endless hours of unique gameplay even while offline. You can also pick the speed you see the turns of the AI. This can help a new player to learn from turns or a seasoned player to skip through AI turns quickly.

There are some huge advantages to starting off Ascension on an app and not the original card and board format. One feature of the app is a tutorial before starting a game, which shows you turns that follow all rules when you might be confused about gameplay. There is nothing worse than those first hours of manual reading, head-scratching, and “unintentional” cheating that come with a new board game. The app won’t let you break rules during your turn. Halos show cards you can acquire or defeat, and cards in your hand that you may have forgotten to use. While you get used to the format each Ascension expansion follows, you may actually confuse these halos with divine intervention to stop you from ending your turn too early!

The app version is free, but does need in-app purchases for all expansions other than the base game. The Steam version is now $8.99 and includes five expansions in price with other purchases available. Purchases for both formats include eight expansions. All expansions are standalone format or you can mix them together for one very complicated and entertaining expansion! Five promo packs are also available to add interest to gameplay without too much complexity.

Will you try Ascension, if so what format will you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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