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“Stranger Things” Confirmed For Second Season

written by Jason Marcano August 31, 2016

The surprise hit and 80s homage, Stranger Things, will see a second season some time in 2017. Earlier this morning Netflix confirmed the news with a short teaser. You can see the teaser and enjoy the amazing opening credits song above or below.

The soundtrack to this show is amazing. The original score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, two members of an Austin, TX quartet called Survive, is a sublime mix of 80s nostalgia and modern synth tunes. It is perfectly creepy and equally pleasant to just listen to. Let me put it this way, I found myself listening to the intro theme on every episode instead of skipping ahead to the show proper. You can check out both volumes of this stellar OST on Spotify or iTunes.

Stranger Things Season 1

The first season of Stranger Things was a love letter to all things 80s. There were tones of early Stephen King works, the author was even mentioned by name, Dungeons and Dragons (a pen and paper RPG that was all the rage before video games took over) played a predominate roll in the show, and movies like E.T. were woven into the tapestry of Stranger Things to great effect. There were even some definite Silent Hillthe game, not the abysmal movies—undertones peppered in for good measure.

The story of season one was about finding a missing child, Will Byers. After an intense game of D&D with his friends Dustin, Mike and Lucas, Will rides his bike home and gets abducted by someone/thing. Coinciding with his disappearance a young girl named Eleven shows up and is quickly befriended by the boys searching for Will. It is soon discovered that Eleven knows more about Will’s disappearance, and what she knows changes the small town of Hawkins forever.

Eleven was the subject of experiments, preformed on her by the “US Department of Energy,” meant to unlock the hidden potential of the human mind. She developed telekinesis and another disturbing ability during the course of these grueling experiments. She discovered a place called “The Upside Down,” a harrowing, twisted version of our very own reality. A dark and poisonous place that abuts our own universe and reality. To access this place, Eleven must go into a sort of sensory deprivation and expend all her energy. Thankfully it only takes a few Eggo Waffles to recharge her.

Stranger Things Eleven

It is in the “Upside Down” where we meet a horrible monster. One that senses blood and has been kidnapping people in the town and feeding on them. We also learn that it may be Eleven’s fault that the monster, or Demogorgon as the boys call it, is even in our reality.

This monster, and Will’s disappearance become the central conflicts for everyone in the show. It also leads to some effectively scary scenes that stuck with me long after the credits for Chapter 8: “The Upside Down” rolled.

The Duffer Brothers certainly know what they are doing. In season one the pair created a mesmerizing, creepy, and sometimes fun world in their version of Hawkins, Indiana. However, the ambiguous ending to the season left a lot of questions. Questions like: What happened to Eleven? Is Will okay? What exactly is Chief Jim Hopper doing in the woods? What happened to all that pudding? Is Barbara still alive?

We NEED to know!

Barbara Stanger Things

Stranger Things Season 2

The Duffer Brothers have said, pretty much since the show debuted on Netflix, that they would be more than willing to make a Season 2, it would just depend on fan demand. As the weeks transpired the praise and accolades for this show only grew in intensity. The fans were more than demanding a second season; They begged for it.

Season two of Stranger Things will act more as a sequel as opposed to a direct continuation of Season 1 according to interviews with the creators. In a recent talk with the Duffer Brothers, Entertainment Weekly was able to get them to confirm that the titles we see in the teaser for season 2 are in fact titles for the next eight chapters in the series. They also confirmed that most of the original cast will be reprising their rolls from season one. However, as to whether or not Eleven will be in season 2:

“We don’t know about Eleven,” says Ross Duffer. “We leave that up in the air.”

It would honestly be a huge surprise, and a bit of a let down, if Eleven didn’t come back. After all, who was Chief Hopper leaving those waffles out for?

Stranger Things Waffles

Have you geeks seen Stranger Things yet? If you answered no, why have you read this far? Also, why not? Get on Netflix and catch up on one of the best shows to come out this season and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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