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Stranger Things Soundtrack to Get a Very Retro Release Soon

written by Jordan Cobb June 9, 2017
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One of the MANY things that captivated audiences that tuned into Netflix’s Stranger Things when it debuted last summer, was most certainly the soundtrack to the series. Heavily inspired by the likes of 80s composers and artists such as John Carpenter, Jean-Michael Jarre, and Giorgio Moroder.

Done by members of Survive, Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, the original soundtrack for Strangers Things has of course been made available digitally and on streaming services, but given its from the era of VHS and cassette tapes, surely you’d think a special release on that format would have happened by now. Well wait no longer dear reader!

On July 14, Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to season one of Stranger Things via cassette tape to Urban Outfitters stores where this will only be available. I mean hey if you’re going out for a pair of new jeans soon, why not get a TV soundtrack while you’re at it?

What’s great aside from the cassette itself being that same shade as the logo for the series, is the packaging. At first I will admit to being slightly confused in thinking they were actually just gonna put it on VHS, until I realized that the VHS tape itself would be the case for the cassette tape. Brilliant thinking on whoever is certainly getting a Christmas bonus for this genius idea.

I am also still really amazed its taken nearly a year for something like this, but then again I don’t think anyone really was expecting the show to take off as fast as it did.

Certainly this is something fans will be looking to pick up before the brand new episodes debut this fall.

What do you think of this? How cool do you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

Stranger Things season 2 debuts on Netflix this Halloween.

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