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Street Fighter 5 GIVEAWAY with DHTG and NFM

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 15, 2016

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You know you have been waiting on it and now it is time. Street Fighter 5 is finally launching and ready to bring the pain. Thanks to our friends over at NFM and the sweet PS4 promo they have going on, we got our hands on an early copy to check out.  If you purchase a PS4 and Street Fighter 5 save $40!!! Now I have dabbled in every Street Fighter that has released, but am far from an expert or where I could even pretend to be, so this will be a light review on the game and a sweet ass giveaway thanks to our geeks at NFM! Win a PS4 copy of Street Fighter 5 for yourself by entering the contest below and then check out the DHTG REVIEW.

Street Fighter 5 PS4 Giveaway
First things first you immediately as always notice the colors and graphics. Street Fighter games have always had mind-blowing graphics, color and speed. This one is not letting down in the graphics department either, Street Fighter 5 has a very water-color feel and looks soooo crisp. The sound is amazing. This has to be one of my favorite Street Fighter soundtracks. You will find yourself bobbing your head to the beats while kicking the crap out of someone else’s.

As far as players go there are the eight main characters, four characters that have been MIA for quite a while and four brand new characters. You have plenty of characters to master moves for no matter how good you are currently. Capcom has introduced their new V-System for Street Fighter 5. The V-System is a free-to-use action that differs from character to character that allows for tons of new trickes per character once mastered. You have to get this mastered right away or you do not stand a chance in the game. By using the V-System is the only way to charge up your other new feature your V-Trigger. Using the V-Trigger varies from each character and can be as simple as one very powerful move or a whirlwind of smaller hits from a different character. If you remember the Ultra meter from SF4 this is very similar but tweeked for the new version.

I loved running through all of the new characters but found myself heading back into known land with my old trusty Chun-Li. Even there I found myself with what felt like a new character and new moves to really have to figure out again. After playing for a bit I found a little of my old skill and could handle a few multiplayer matches within my house. Master the new V options really takes  a little getting used to but once you do then you can really see the benefit of them.

After a few hours of playing a found I was already getting worn out with Street Fighter 5. If you are looking for a single person player game this is NOT your choice. There really isn’t a single player mode (CPU vs you 2 out of 3) other than very short matches for a single round in story mode. Not sure why this didn’t make it into the game yet and hopefully Capcom will add it in somewhere down the road. You do however have an amazing training area and the matchmaking in the game was fast and on par the way it should be.


As far as Street Fighter goes this one fell a little short for me but a Street Fighter is a Street Fighter right? Will you be grabbing this? Let us know in the comments and the poll below. Big thanks to our geeks over at NFM and Capcom for making it happen!

For those of you that are wanting to grab the game now…Check it out over on our pals Kinguin and get 3% off!


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