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Street Fighter V is exclusive to PS4 and PC.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. December 6, 2014


As we reported yesterday, a leak in regards to the next version of the oft-hailed Street Fighter series was coming but exclusively for PS4 and PC. At the time publisher Capcom had nothing to say, well give them 24 hours and they sure change their tune!

Street Fighter V is coming and yes, it is exclusive to the PS4 and PC. Sorry Xbox One owners, I mean it’s not like you wanted to play it anyways, right? Other than the promise of cross play, nothing about the game was announced, including availability window and pricing. This cross play has me intrigued though, could they really pull off a smooth transition between the PS4 and the PC? That would be pretty sweet if they can do it without serious lag!

Also announced for the PS4 is Ultra Street Fighter IV, the super duper ultra remix of Street Fighter IV. Not known as of yet what will be included in this version but expect all characters and stages to make an appearance from last gen’s various remixes.

Now that it’s official, what do my Xbox One geeks think? Pissed at ole Capcom and Sony? How about my Sony peeps? Does this take the sting of the Rise of the Tomb Raider out? Sound off in them comments!

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