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Street Fighter V Outsold By Pokken Tournament

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. May 24, 2016
Pokken Tournament

There seems to have been a bit of an upset with Capcom’s Street Fighter V release for PS4/PC. There have been countless issues with hacking, cheating, no “rage-quit” penalty which allowed players upset by their potential loss to quit the match, leaving their win-loss record spotless and allowed them to rise quickly to the top of the charts. Even then, it seemed Capcom took a little while to get to it.

With all this being said, an analyst on twitter by the handle @ZhugeEX tweeted that the Pokken Tournament game has outsold Street Fighter V on a retail level in the US.

Considering the market for Pokken Tournament is much smaller and had less reach than Street Fighter V, this is highly significant.

Pokken Tournament was created for Wii U which has a smaller audience compared to the PS4 and PC market. However, with such debilitating issues harboring the quality of game play, it’s almost to be expected. Capcom hasn’t said much about this, or the issues they had been facing with the game but a company of this magnitude is bound to make all the fixes they need for a smoother game play and continued development.

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